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Reiki Energy Healing

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing technique whose roots and origins are from Japan. Reiki is used for the reduction of pain and tension and to increase healing support. It is a system of natural healing. One of the primary benefits of Reiki is the ability this energy has to bring the body to a deep state of complete relaxation, allowing the body to be free of stress and ignite its potential to heal.


Reiki energy allows muscles to relax and increases blood flows which quickens the healing process.

Reiki helps with stress, headaches, insomnia, upset stomach, sprains and many other conditions.

Reiki also promotes psychological healing, including release of anger, fear, worry, depression, sadness, feeling stuck in life.

Reiki can help improve relationships and release other unhealthy feelings.

Miraculous healings and results have also been reported.

 One hour session     $80

Integrated Energy Healing

Integrated Energy Healing is similar to Reiki . It uses a cellular map of the body to release deeply stored emotions and traumas from the body and energy field.  Some of these are fear, anger, guilt, powerlessness, stress and many more .


After releasing these energies , positive  attributes are brought into those areas like love, confidence, power, forgiveness, and innocence. This can be deeply relaxing and healing brought thru the angelic loving vibration.

One hour session: $80


Access Bars

 The Bars are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head that connect to different aspects of your life. We call all of the points you touch when using this modality The Bars.


The Bars store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything. For example; every thought you have ever had about money that you considered important, the energy of that thought is stored in the bar called Money. There are bars for healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, sex, money and more. 32 different bars in all. Each bar corresponds with that aspect or area of your life that it is named. Touch one Bar and you begin to clear away the energy locked up in that area or aspect of your life just by touching it.

 $80 per session   

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